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Why John L. Scott And Not Zillow When Buying A House In Issaquah

Zillow offers market info and reviews so it's a resource when buying or selling a house in Issaquah, or around King County at large, but here are 3 reasons why you should try John L. Scott's website  for your home search instead. Reason 1  |  You Can Be Texted Notifications of New Listings  John L Scott, and all company sites, are linked directly in real time to the Northwest Multiple Listing Service (MLS), but Zillow is not here. So Zillow's site updates approximately 24 hours after a new listing hits the market whereas they show up on John L Scott’s site in just a couple of hours. If you are part of John L. Scott's Property Tracker service, you can even set yourself up to get texts of these new listings. No other company can do that for you. Often several buyers will already have been in a home that comes to market by the time a Zillow-only user even sees it. In our competitive market today, some listings go pending within that 24 hour time period, so you ca

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